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Los Angeles, California

World's largest VLJ broker launches comprehensive aircraft learning center



AEROCOR has launched a digital learning center on its website Originally geared to the Eclipse 500, the site has been expanded to include all single pilot certified Citation aircraft and the Beechcraft Premier I/A.

“There is a notable lack of unbiased information available to potential buyers” notes Gavin Woodman, AEROCOR co-founder and President. "By providing a single location for research we hope to simplify the aircraft selection process and we are very excited to provide this valuable tool.”

AEROCOR says that the website will be updated regularly to include information for all of the most relevant single pilot certified turbine aircraft. The page includes summary information, such as aircraft dimensions and performance capabilities, as well as more granular details. The company has also published comprehensive buyer’s guides and market reports for select aircraft.

Woodman added, “The site is geared to answer the common questions shared by most buyers as they begin their aircraft search. Our company is comprised of pilots, so we understand the importance of using accurate information when evaluating the suitability of an aircraft for a specific mission profile.”

AEROCOR says that it is also currently developing an interactive range map which is currently in Beta testing and will allow users to input their home airport and payload requirements to compare range capabilities of up to four aircraft simultaneously. They expect a full release of the map by year’s end.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 23rd July 2020 | Issue #567


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