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Boston, Mass

Sentient Jet sees new customers embrace private aviation following COVID-19 lockdown



Sentient Jet, a Directional Aviation company, is seeing new and existing members turn to private aviation as a trusted utility as the COVID-19 lockdown unwinds and travelers seek out the safety and convenience of flying private.

Of the more than 5,000 private jet hours the company sold since the beginning of April, over 50% came from new customers. These impressive numbers reflect recent data released by McKinsey indicating that the COVID-19 pandemic will drive demand for private aviation from first-time users who want to avoid the touchpoints associated with commercial flying. This unprecedented demand from new customers purchasing Jet Cards indicates the trend that travelers are making a serious commitment to flying private in the long-term as opposed to using private aviation as a one-time solution or lifestyle amenity.

Be ReadyOver the past six weeks the pioneer in private aviation has seen its flight volume dramatically rise with the transit of over 2,500 passengers throughout the country. Meanwhile, inquiries for flight quotes have risen by 241% since the March low point. Inspired by the readiness of new clients to commit to private aviation as a trusted resource and utility in this new travel landscape, Sentient Jet has launched a campaign titled “Be Ready.” The campaign is a direct response to the new ways people are traveling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. People are avoiding crowded locations and are wary of high-touch TSA checkpoints and commercial aircraft. At the same time, many are faced with a need to travel for business, to reconnect with family or change locations. Sentient Jet provides a solution for those preparing to return to travel against this new backdrop where health and safety standards are more important than ever.

“The encouraging demand for private aviation from new customers, and in particular for Jet Cards that provide flight time for multiple trips, indicates that travelers are making a long-term commitment to flying private and using it as a utility rather than a lifestyle amenity,” said Andrew Collins, CEO of Sentient Jet. “Recent statistics released by McKinsey show that over 90% of people who can afford to travel private don’t. We are now seeing this change as outreach from new customers has increased and many of them are coming off the sidelines and turning to private aviation as a trusted travel solution.”

With over 20 years of operation, Sentient Jet has invested millions of dollars in service and safety infrastructure, including private aviation’s first Independent Safety Advisory Board and a Chief Safety Officer. Sentient Jet clients receive access to a sanitized fleet and strict procedures are in place to ensure that both crew and clients are healthy and safe to travel.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 28th May 2020 | Issue #559


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