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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 23rd September 2021 | Issue #622

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International Business and Private Aviation Industry News

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Dallas, Texas:

Bombardier expands interior repair and refurbishment capabilities in Dallas

Bombardier is enhancing its interior repair and refurbishment activities at its service centre in Dallas, Texas, providing customers with even more maintenance and support capabilities.

Bombardier will collaborate with Global Engineering & Technology, Inc. (GETI), a market-leader in aircraft furnishings since 1991, to offer customers the industry’s highest quality of enhanced interior services and support at the Dallas Service Centre.

Built on a long-standing relationship between the two companies, the collaboration with Wichita-based GETI will benefit from the supplier already being well-versed with Bombardier business jets at Bombardier’s service centre in Wichita, Kansas.

Customers at the Dallas Service Centre will have access to enhanced interior repair and refurbishment services for their aircraft flooring, cabinetry, seats, and upholstery on various aircraft platforms.


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Washington, DC:

FAA invests $42m in Airports across Alaska

Part of the FAA’s campaign to increase safety in Alaska.

The Federal Aviation Administration will award seven Alaska airports a total of $42m in Airport Improvement Program grants to help with safety, access and sustainability efforts. The FAA has awarded more than 64 grants totaling $257.4m to Alaska airports during fiscal year 2021.

“These grants reflect our ongoing commitment to the unique needs of Alaska aviation community and our focus on supporting the extensive Alaska National Airspace System,” said FAA Administrator Steve Dickson.

Aviation provides the backbone of daily commerce to many communities in the state, including the delivery of food and life-saving supplies, inter-city and inter-village transportation, emergency medical evacuations and daily commuting.

Approximately 82 percent of communities in Alaska are only accessible by air. Many of these communities are home to Alaska natives, which represent nearly 20 percent of the state’s population.


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IBAC congratulates SRC Aviation - first to renew IS-BAH Stage 3

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) commends SRC Aviation, India, for being the first Stage 3 renewal for the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) program.

Based in New Delhi, India, SRC Aviation was also the first organization in the world to achieve IS-BAH Stage 1 in 2015.

SRC Aviation Managing Director, Bobby Chadha, said, “This recognition from IS-BAH is a reflection of our commitment to the highest global safety standards and to excellence in service.”

IS-BAH Program Director, Terry Yeomans, noted, “It is inspiring to see the resiliency organizations have to implement and maintain a voluntary global standard such as the IS-BAH, especially with all the challenges we have faced in the past 18 months.

Congratulations to Bobby and the entire SRC team and thank you for your continued commitment to business aviation safety and support for the IS-BAH Programme.”

SRC Aviation

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Washington, DC:

GAMA supports US Administration’s and Congressional SAF initiatives

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) is supporting the Biden Administration’s steps to expand the development, use and production of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

A Fact Sheet, released by the Biden Administration, announced its planned actions to significantly bolster the future of sustainable fuels in aviation.

“We commend the Biden Administration for its commitment to boost the production, distribution and uptake of SAF," said Pete Bunce, GAMA President and CEO.

"For years, the general and business aviation community has recognized that the increased use of SAF will play a key role in reducing aviation’s CO2 emissions and complements our continued innovative advancements in aircraft technologies.

GAMA supports US Administration’s and Congressional SAF initiatives

“It will be important for industry and government to work together on the elements of the administration’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge, which aims to increase the production of SAF to three billion gallons per year by 2030.

GAMA, along with other industry stakeholders, has been working with the US Congress on similar legislative solutions and we look forward to future progress on these initiatives. We also are eager to work with other policymakers and regulators to further advance SAF production and use worldwide.”


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Washington, DC:

New business aviation Fact Book brings industry to life with advocacy resource you can use

The National Business Aviation Association and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) have released a fully updated, wide-ranging Business Aviation Fact Book, laying out a broad overview of the industry’s benefits to citizens, companies and communities everywhere.

The 33-page publication is downloadable as a PDF, and print copies will be freely available at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), taking place October 12-14 in Las Vegas, NV.

A shareable resource designed for professionals and advocates as well as newcomers, the public and civic leaders, the Fact Book is a publication of the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign.

New business aviation Fact Book

Presented in part though user-friendly infographics, charts, tables, photos and real-world stories, the Fact Book brings to life the competitive gains for companies and organizations using business aircraft; the industry’s role in supporting 1 million jobs and driving more than $200 million in economic activity each year; the connectivity lifeline business aviation provides to communities across America; and the sector’s role in providing critical lift for worthy humanitarian endeavors.

Download the Fact Book

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4AIR launches first interactive SAF map for bizjets

New interactive map developed and maintained by 4AIR shows where to find Sustainable Aviation Fuel regardless of who makes or markets it.

4AIR, the first and only rating system focused on comprehensive sustainability in private aviation, has launched an interactive map to show private jet owners and operators where to find Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Although SAF reduces emissions contributing to climate change, it can be hard to find because of limited distribution and fragmented marketing. 4AIR solves this problem with this map - the first aggregator of where a user of private aircraft can find SAF, regardless of the airport, FBO or fuel provider.

“Sustainable Aviation Fuel is an efficient and effective way to reduce the impact private jets have on climate change,” said Kennedy Ricci, 4AIR’s president.

“This is the single best way for aviators to find this climate-beneficial fuel. And, by making it easier to find SAF, we hope to promote its use and expand its availability.”


Protect Yourself and Others


Western Aircraft

Shannon Edick

Shannon Edick

Western Aircraft, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, introduces Shannon Edick as its new regional sales manager for Pilatus Aircraft maintenance sales.

Jay Reeder, who formerly served in this role, has moved to regional sales manager for King Air aircraft and Pilatus turboprop fleet operators.

Ms. Edick joined Western Aircraft in 2015. She has served in various roles from a work order coordinator and planner to an MRO quoter, and now as the company’s newly promoted Pilatus aircraft maintenance regional sales manager.

Prior to joining Western Aircraft in 2015, Ms. Edick served in an accounts payable specialist position for XTRA Airways.

In her new role with the Western Aircraft MRO sales team, she will work with PC-12 and PC-24 owners and operators and is responsible for maintenance sales on Pilatus aircraft.

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WINGX Global Market Tracker:

Activity still ahead of 2019, with prospect of transatlantic pick-up to come

  WINGX Global Market Tracker

According to WINGX`s weekly Global Market Tracker, published today, almost 2.4 million flights have been operated on business jets so far this year, now trending slightly up on the same period in 2019, confirming a complete recovery from the pandemic lows

Since May 2021, pre-pandemic comparable month traffic levels have been eclipsed. So far in September 2021, business jet sectors are up 15% compared to the first 3 weeks of September 2019.

Top 20 outbound business jet pairs from Croatia, September 2021

Top 20 outbound business jet pairs from Croatia, September 2021

Passenger airline traffic is only 20% up on 2020 so far this year, although it has bounced 47% this month. Compared to 2019, the airlines’ recovery is painfully slow, sectors still trailing by 41% versus last 2019 year to date. Cargo operators continue to see more activity than before, up by 9% this month, up 7% this year.

Full Report

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Bizav Newsreel

This week . . . the first UK face-to-face business aviation show since lockdown

ACE21 - The Air Charter Expo - took place at London Biggin HIll Airport earlier this month.

ACE21 - The Air Charter Expo.

GearUp TV's Liz Moscrop was there to bring you a round-up of the key themes and highlights of the show.

video icon watch the video

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United Kingdom:

GKN Aerospace delivers the first Fixed Trailing Edge for Airbus’ “Wing of Tomorrow” programme

Milestone delivery of the first composite spar and Fixed Trailing Edge (FTE) demonstrator for Wing of Tomorrow (WoT) programme.

GKN Aerospace has delivered the first FTE for Airbus’ ”Wing of tomorrow” research programme from its global technology centre (GTC) in Bristol.

This builds upon the successful production earlier this year of the single piece composite wing spar, one of the most challenging wing components produced.

Chris Everett, GKN Aerospace Senior Vice President - Airbus Business said “The delivery of the first Wing of Tomorrow programme trailing edge into Airbus marks a significant step forward in technology deployment for this type of application. Advances in composite manufacture and automated assembly techniques are set to demonstrate the ability to both produce such items at high rate whilst delivering significant reductions in energy utilisation and waste.”


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Saint-Cloud, France:

Dassault inaugurates new building dedicated to design and operations

Dassault Aviation has inaugurated the new building at its plant in Bordeaux-Mérignac (Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, France) which is to accommodate the design, development and after-sales support teams for the firm’s civil and defense activities. Construction of the new building began in May 2019.

Dassault Aviation inaugurates new building dedicated to design and operations

“Widespread use of digital tools must be supported by the development of a more deep-rooted, concrete aircraft culture. This shared culture will allow us to effectively integrate, from the design stage onwards, all the business units involved in the product life cycle: industrialization, procurements, manufacturing and support”, explains Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation.


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FAI dedicates Global Express to ultra-long-range air ambulance operations

FAI rent-a-jet GmbH, Germany’s leading Special Mission Operator, has configured one of its seven Global Express aircraft (D-AFAM) as a dedicated air ambulance.

The move follows increasing demand from the market for ultra-long-range air ambulance missions. FAI has completed 10 ultra-long-range air ambulance missions over the past two months alone.

FAI has configured one of its seven Global Express aircraft (D-AFAM) as a dedicated air ambulance.

The company is focused on building up its air ambulance capabilities in long and ultra-long-range missions with a view to strengthening its position as a world leader in the field.


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Ireland and Brazil:

Gol and Grupo Comporte order 250 VA-X4 zero emissions aircraft from Avolon

Partnership to create eVTOL ride sharing platform in Brazil.
Over 50% of Avolon’s orderbook for VA-X4 aircraft now placed.

Avolon, the international aircraft leasing company, has announced a partnership with Gol, Brazil’s largest airline and Grupo Comporte, Brazil’s leading transport operator, to commercialise an eVTOL ride sharing platform in Brazil.

VA-X4 zero emissions aircraft

Avolon, Gol and Grupo Comporte will collaborate to identify and target local partners, infrastructure and certification requirements across a range of commercial models, launching one of the world’s first eVTOL ride sharing businesses. As part of the agreement, Gol and Grupo Comporte has committed to purchase or lease up to 250 VA-X4 eVTOL aircraft.


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Babcock receives approval to run enhanced drone missions

Babcock the aerospace, defence and security company is now the only operator in Spain with permission to fly commercial drones, weighing more than 25kg, beyond line of sight.

In practical terms this means Babcock can now fly its own design, the LUA drone, in rural areas, night or day, carrying emergency support payloads of up to five kilograms each trip.

Babcock receives approval to run enhanced drone missions

Thanks to the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA)’s cross-border arrangements, Babcock’s permissions extend beyond the Spanish borders and into other European countries where enhanced drone flights could make a world of difference to first responder emergency services or those at risk on the ground.


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United Kingdom:

SAMAD Aerospace CEO sits in the first experimental flight test of eStarling demonstrator

SAMAD Aerospace has successfully completed the first test flight of its fully electric Starling aircraft.

The Starling aircraft will offer door-to-door human air transportation and high value cargo transportation especially to remote locations.

eStarling demonstrator

It can transport either one passenger or 100 Kilograms of payload at a speed of 120 miles per hour and range of 220 kilometers. The hover test flight focused on flight control systems and handling quality of the aircraft during the hover.

SAMAD Aerospace CEO sits in the first experimental flight test of eStarling demonstrator watch the video

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Prague, Czech Republic:

Gemini Wings adds Phenom 100 to fleet

Gemini Wings is adding another aircraft to their growing fleet of contracted planes and helicopters which they represent as exclusive sales agent.

The innovative Czech aviation company has formed an international alliance fleet comprised of private aircraft and helicopters from small European operator partners and individuals. Gemini Wings acts as the sales agent, chartering flights, while the owners simply lease their aircraft to the company.

Gemini Wings adds Phenom 100 to fleet

“We are thrilled to add the Phenom 100 to our fleet and to serve our partner brokers," said Gemini Wings CEO Martin Feč. "This plane offers the performance of a light jet with the operating costs of a turboprop and at same time, a bespoke onboard service which is more typical for aircraft of a higher category.”

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Afghanistan becomes Air Charter Services' largest passenger humanitarian mission

The world’s largest aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, has arranged more than 110 flights to transport a total of almost 25,000 passengers out of Afghanistan and the surrounding region since troubles began several months ago.

Speaking on the situation, ACS’s Group Commercial Jets Director, Matthew Purton, said: “Over the last few months we had performed more than 20 flights directly out of Kabul for several governments, with around 4,500 passengers in total on board. Our cargo division also arranged flights for more than 300 tons of relief goods to fly into the Afghan capital and Mazar-i-Sharif, including medical kits and food supplies.

ACS’s Group Commercial Jets Director, Matthew Purton.

ACS’s Group Commercial Jets Director, Matthew Purton.

"We had a large number of future flights booked, however, when the Taliban seized control of the airport on 14th August all of these had to be cancelled. At this point, military aircraft were used to ferry people to hub airports in nearby Middle East countries, such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE.


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Online aviation training start-up Aeroclass attracts $1.2m in seed funding

Aviation e-learning platform Aeroclass has attracted $1.2m in seed funding from AeroCity Tech Ventures, a venture capital investing in aviation technologies.

Aeroclass is the world’s first start-up to offer a modern online training platform specifically for aviation professionals.

According to the company’s CEO and co-founder, Lukas Rasciauskas, Aeroclass aims to revolutionise the aviation training industry by offering aeronautical professionals high-quality training on a convenient, ‘any time, any place’ platform. “The global pandemic has highlighted a long-standing problem with aviation training. The previously rigid sector was for the longest time in need of someone to come and shake the market from the ground up. That’s why we are here,” he said.

Tech start-up Aeroclass is the first in the world to introduce a virtual learning platform focused on the aviation industry, designed for professionals to acquire and deepen their knowledge in the aviation sector.


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RoyalJet Group expands its presence in the UAE

RoyalJet, the wholly owned private aviation subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi owned and operated RoyalJet Group, has expanded its presence in the UAE, adding Dubai as a new operating base.

In addition to its existing operational bases at Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Bateen International Airport (Abu Dhabi’s city airport), RoyalJet is now basing aircraft from its industry leading fleet at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai.

These aircraft, including Boeing Business Jet VVIP Airliners and Bombardier Global 5000 corporate jets are now available for charter by business and leisure travellers directly into and out of Dubai. This move comes as a result of the growing demand for private jet travel in the Emirate and the imminent opening of Expo 2020.

Rob DiCastri, CEO, RoyalJet said: “Despite this challenging ongoing pandemic, Dubai has found a way to grow private jet traffic into and out of this beautiful city, flying in the face of the trend which has been seen outside only the US and maybe Europe. As one of the leading global destinations for tourism and business Dubai continues to thrive and welcome guests from numerous countries.”

With Expo 2020 about to commence, traffic to and from Dubai and the UAE will surely skyrocket and demand for capacity in all areas of aviation will increase even further, including in the VVIP sector.


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United Kingdom:

BALPA and Norse Atlantic Airways announce partnership to bring hundreds of jobs to the UK

The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) and Norse Atlantic Airways, the new intercontinental airline, have entered into a new agreement that will deliver hundreds of jobs in the UK.

The new airline plans to commence affordable flights between Europe and North America in 2022, with a fleet of more environmentally friendly Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

BALPA’s National Officer Terry Brandon, said: “This is a glimmer of hope for the struggling UK aviation industry that is much needed. We are pleased to welcome Norse Atlantic to London and the new jobs they will deliver at this critical time.

“Our negotiating team has been incredibly impressed with the company’s business plan as it will provide sustainable long-term careers for our members on its transatlantic route network. This collective agreement will facilitate a fruitful relationship between BALPA and Norse to ensure that Norse is a great place to work.


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United Kingdom:

Corporate Flight Training launches ONJET training courses

Corporate Flight Training have launched their latest program of business aviation training courses using a dedicated business aviation mockup based in the UK.

Corporate Flight Training are forging ahead with the expansion of their business aviation training programs using the ONJET cabin trainer. CFT’s newly launched Cabin Emergency Training or CET is a practical emergency procedures course specifically developed for business aviation crewmembers.

Cabin Emergency Training focuses on the management of emergency situations, passenger coordination and the command of business jet specific emergency drills in real time.


Google News

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WINGX is looking for a Product Manager to help us accelerate our launch of new and exciting market intelligence services for the global business aviation industry.

We need someone with strong technical experience in project managing data products from concept through prototype to commercial launch.

The right person needs to be data-savvy, familiar with data-visualisation tools, fascinated to work with cutting edge analytical tools, passionate about business intelligence.

And of course we need someone who, like us, is highly motivated to work in the chaotic and rapidly-changing world of business aviation.

If you're interested, please let us know!




Actor, Comedian, Marine Corps Veteran Rob Riggle to Keynote Day 1 at NBAA-BACE

Renowned American comedian and Emmy-nominated actor Rob Riggle will be a Day One Keynote speaker at the 2021 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), taking place Oct. 12-14 in Las Vegas, NV.

Riggle is loved not only for his starring roles in shows like Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, but also his performances in movies including Talladega Nights, 21 Jump Street, The Hangover and his groundbreaking appearances on FOX NFL Sunday. Riggle currently hosts his own show on the Discovery Channel, Rob Riggle: Global Investigator.

Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle

In addition to his acting and comedy career, Riggle spent 23 years in the US Marine Corps. After joining the Marines at age 19, he was with Marine Training Unit 17, at ground zero on 9/11, removing rubble by hand as part of the search-and-rescue effort. He trained as a pilot and retired in 2013 from the Marine Corps Reserves as a lieutenant colonel. He also served nine years in active duty in Kosovo, Liberia, Albania and Afghanistan, earning 22 medals, including the Combat Action Ribbon.

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And Finally

007 'You Only Live Twice' Bell model helicopter goes to auction

A model of a Bell 47G Helicopter used in the filming of the James Bond classic ‘You Only Live Twice’ is for sale with H&H Classics in a timed auction that ends on Sunday September 26th. It is estimated to sell for an estimate of £18,000 to £22,000.

The model is believed to be the last remaining 007 Bell 47G Helicopter props out of four originals created and used in the movie. This model is significantly larger and more impressive than the only other example publicly sold. It measures a whopping 9 feet in length, dwarfing the other example sold at just 6 and a half feet in length. Julien’s Auctions, USA sold a smaller example (rumoured to have been for static promotional use only with zero screen time) for $23,040.00 in May 2014).

These four scaled-down helicopters were used in perhaps the most iconic of all James Bond action sequences where Sean Connery can be seen flying his Ken Wallis-built Auto Gyro (affectionately known as 'Little Nellie') through the mountains, closely pursued by four enemy Bell 47G helicopters in black.

Whilst this sequence was supposed to be taking place over Mount Fuji, the actual footage was captured in Spain and the UK's Pinewood studios. The main helicopter flight was filmed above the village of Ebino, where aerial photographer Johnny Jordan famously lost a leg when the blades of another helicopter struck him whilst passing too close. Filming was cancelled and later completed in the skies above Torremolinos, Spain.

  007 'You Only Live Twice' Bell model helicopter goes to auction

The helicopter measures over 9 feet in length, 4 feet in height and was built for Pinewood Studios by an old friend of the seller that has sadly now passed away - Dave Niemen; he built many planes and other aircraft for TV and cinema many years ago. The helicopter was recovered after supposedly being shot down during filming and supporting documentation on file explains the 'recovery mission'.

The helicopter does not fly, but could be made to. The models were 'flown' using gantry cranes and arm extensions during filming - everything was mechanical during this period, so there was plenty of smoke and mirrors involved in this process. The model is offered with a comprehensive selection of paperwork and meticulous research from the vendor.

More details.

  H & H Classics

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