New state-of-the-art Medevac service for Australasia and the Pacific

InflightER (InFlight Emergency Room) and Australian Air Medical have announced the release of a new level of air medical retrieval service to the Australasian and Asia Pacific marketplace.

With a strong focus on quality, capability and value for money, the fully integrated class-leading product combines the best experience and hardware from the worlds of critical care medicine and aviation, with a simultaneous emphasis on cost containment, creating a new industry benchmark.

Based out of New South Wales and Queensland, the Westwind II (VH-IER) is an economical and capable jet platform to operate & maintain. With a range of up to 2700nm, a speed of up to 470 knots and a 400% greater oxygen carrying capacity than many other medevac aircraft,  it's unlikely that any patient will be out of reach, no matter where they are located in Australasia or the Asia Pacific region.

This new service boasts the most sophisticated air medical governance and quality framework in the southern hemisphere. The clinical skill set of InflightER's medical team - led by Professor Sean Keogh, an acknowledged world class leader in air medical governance, safety and operations - is enhanced by an advanced suite of critical care equipment, centred upon state-of-the-art dual Zoll X and ResMed Elisee life support systems; enabling the simultaneous transport of two critical care patients and up to four medical staff. Medical care after landing is supported by an independent aircraft medical electrical supply requiring no engine power, further reducing costs.

InflightER's aviation team led by 33-year industry veteran Neil Allen comprises some of the most experienced pilots in the industry, assisted by the latest aircraft terrain and collision avoidance systems and navigation technology. Leading edge in-flight communications, swift broadband, patient monitoring hardware and real-time electronic patient care record software enables continuous verbal contact and clinical data streaming from the medical teams in the air, anywhere in the world, to a central operations base on the ground.

The exceptional strength of the Westwind II airframe has allowed the creation of a custom made and industry-leading dual bariatric stretcher capability, featuring ‘no-lift’ loading technology, with both the stretcher and base safely supporting a patient weight of up to 230kg. This ability is unique in the Region. The stretcher system can also accommodate dual neonatal humidicribs.

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