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Dallas, Texas

Icarus Jet signs brokerage agreement to boost regional group charters with ERJ135 fleet



Icarus Jet, a leading charter broker and trip support company, has announced a strategic charter brokerage partnership with ARGUS Platinum-rated RVR Aviation, gaining access to four Embraer ERJ135 aircraft.

This agreement significantly enhances the firm’s regional group charter services, offering increased capacity and flexibility for its customers.

Icarus Jet specializes in organizing private travel for large groups for corporate events, sports teams, musicians on tour, and C-suite executives, ensuring a seamless travel experience for groups of 30 to 300 passengers.

Icarus Jet signs brokerage agreement to boost regional group charters with ERJ135 fleet

“Our new partnership with RVR Aviation and the addition of the ERJ135 to the brokerage fleet marks a significant milestone for Icarus Jet, allowing us to better serve our clients with more options and enhanced flexibility for their travel needs,” says Kevin Singh, President of Icarus Jet.

Group charter cost-efficiency

Opting for large jet charters offers significant cost savings without compromising time, safety, or privacy. For instance, 25 passengers can travel more economically on a 30-seater ERJ135 than splitting into two smaller private jets. This not only consolidates costs but also enhances group cohesion during travel.

Icarus Jet Charter Reach

For example, a one-way flight from Dallas to Cancun costs around $160,000 for two heavy jets, whereas a group charter on the ERJ135 is approximately $65,000 - a savings of over 50%. Similarly, the cost per passenger from Dallas to Cabo San Lucas drops from $6,400 to $2,600.

“We are committed to offering the highest safety, comfort, and efficiency standards in our group charter services. With the ERJ135, we can provide a cost-effective solution for large groups without compromising on the luxury and convenience our clients expect”, adds Singh.

Icarus Jet also offers aircraft like the CRJ 1000 and A319 for larger groups, accommodating up to 100 passengers or more. Furthermore, clients can park their cars next to the private aircraft, avoid TSA checkpoints, and arrive just 25 minutes before departure. This streamlined process and top-tier catering ensures a restful and enjoyable travel experience.

Regional jet specifications

The ERJ135 fleet, operated by RVR Aviation under FAR 135 regulation and Certificate V8XA259L, boasts ARGUS Platinum status, reflecting the company’s commitment to safety and quality.

Configured for 37 passengers, with a certified capacity of 30.

Key features of the ERJ135 fleet include:

• Maximum Range: Approximately 1,750 nautical miles.
• Maximum Passengers: Configured for 37 passengers, with a certified capacity of 30.
• Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, personalized catering.
• Cabin Dimensions: Length: 69 feet 3 inches, Width: 9 feet, Height: 6 feet.
• Baggage Capacity: 46.4 cubic meters / 1,639 cubic feet.
• Maximum Speed: Mach 0.78.
• Maximum Altitude: 37,000 feet.
• Seat Pitch: 36 inches.

Popular group charter destinations

Icarus Jet group jet charters serve over 200 locations across North America, including Mexico. In addition to these popular routes, the company also offers large aircraft options in Egypt and various other international regions.

“We are thrilled to expand our brokerage services by offering the ERJ135 as an option for regional group charters; this development opens new possibilities for Icarus Jet and our clients, enabling us to meet the growing demand for regional group charters with unmatched service quality,” concludes Singh.

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Icarus Jet


BlueSky Business Aviation News | 20th June 2024 | Issue #753


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