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Dundalk, Ireland

PnrGo's integration with REDiFly ensures efficient passenger and crew data regulation compliance for Operators



REDiFly’s WINops software is a prominent aviation management platform for aircraft operators who have held a strategic integration with PnrGo the past few years. PnrGo offers air operators a more convenient way to handle passenger, crew and aircraft data via the WinOps FMS
removing the headache of manual data input and screening daily.

Air operators deal with numerous passengers and crew data daily. It is mandatory for air operators to report each passenger and crew data to the relevant authorities.

Regulations such as the upcoming eu-LISA, the EES (Enter, Exit System) and ETIAS (European Travel information and authorization system) can put air operators under pressure to respond accurately and quickly. PnrGo provides the right formatting and automates data distribution to the relevant authorities.

After the data is processed, if there are any alerts raised, the air operator will be notified through the REDiFly FMS platform. This eliminates time and effort spent by the air operators enforcing data compliance. It also gives various departments such as dispatchers and schedulers comfort in knowing that any alarming cases (e.g. missing data, boarding refusal, high sanctions match) will be identified rapidly allowing for quick response actions.

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PnrGo can be used as a stand-alone platform for international air operators to ship PAX and CREW data, but its true charm shows when you plug it directly to your Flight management system such as the REDiFly Winops platform.

“We are very happy about our integration with REDiFly,” says Tomasz Lewandowski, Co-Founder and Product Owner at PnrGo. “We have adjusted the data exchange model to meet the expectations of air operators, and we believe that this integration will bring them many benefits daily. By automating the mandatory data transfers to Border Force, we significantly reduce the time needed to attain compliance and we lower the risk of human error.”

Founder of the REDiFly WinOps FMS Michael Anklin states that “The integration and partnership with PnrGo allows our clients to optimize their operation. The manual processes of sending the data to different authorities is obsolete and the automation of data allows our clients to concentrate on their core business. One major benefit is the elimination of potential penalties for not sending the required passenger/crew data.

"Security and compliance are at the core of the operation, especially when the industry is faced with new regulations that are coming into force by eu-LISA under EASA soon. Overall, our clients are saving a lot of money having the processes optimized with our PnrGo integration. There is huge saving potential. We are very happy to have realized the integration successfully with PnrGo and we have our clients using this integration. It has been a great pleasure working with PnrGo.”

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 6th June 2024 | Issue #751


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