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Phoenix, Arizona

MedAire leads the way in enhanced aviation mental health support

Introduces MedAire Wellbeing Services powered by Talk to a Peer



Aviation medical and security services provider, MedAire, has announced the introduction of MedAire Wellbeing Services in a pioneering collaboration with OdiliaClark, leaders in impairment risk management and workplace wellbeing.

The initiative sets a new standard for peer support within the business aviation sphere, offering a targeted approach to mental health and wellbeing tailored for aviation professionals.

The FAA Mental Health & Aviation Medical Clearances Aviation Rulemaking Committee's (ARC) recent deliberations on mental health in aviation highlighted the critical need for peer support enhancements beyond traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Aligning with this foresight, MedAire Wellbeing Services offers a sophisticated peer support system tailored to the distinct needs of aviation crews.

"MedAire has been the go-to resource for aviation professionals, ensuring their health and safety for decades, said CEO Bill Dolny. "We appreciate that an effective support system like our Wellbeing Services is vital to strengthening your safety culture. In partnership, we're cultivating a supportive community, making certain that each voice is heard, each person is assisted, and each member is valued."

MedAire Wellbeing Services, leveraging the Talk to a Peer methodology, is designed to meet aviation crews' unique challenges. By harnessing digital health advancements, the service connects individuals with Peer Support Volunteers (PSVs)-current or former aviation professionals trained in best-in-class training that includes empathy, active listening, and resilience-building. This service promises an understanding and relevant support system, crucial for accessible and reliable mental health assistance.

Using a secure and confidential platform, MedAire Wellbeing Services ensures that aviation personnel can find support 24/7 anywhere in the world, matching them with peers or professionals who share their experiences. This system is built on camaraderie and a foundation of specialised training, safeguarding PSVs from secondary trauma and ensuring a robust support network.

"With MedAire Wellbeing Services, we've positioned our resources at the frontline of the industry's evolving approach to mental health," asserts Richard Gomez, VP of Aviation Products at MedAire. "Our initiative is supported by the FAA ARC's recommendations by bridging the gap between recognising mental health issues and actively addressing them, allowing aviation professionals to operate securely and confidently anywhere in the world."

Adding MedAire Wellbeing Services into MedAire's existing offerings represents a holistic approach to health, aligning physical and mental wellness strategies to the operational tempo of the aviation industry. This integrated support system allows MedAire to anticipate and respond to the evolving wellness needs of the aviation community, fostering a resilient and safe workforce.

"Our collaboration embodies an unmatched level of empathy and understanding within the aviation sector, combining our expertise to offer peer support that's both effective and compassionate," said Peter Whitten, Sales Director at OdiliaClark. "This initiative reinforces the importance of mental health in maintaining safety and peak performance in aviation."

The global aviation community will get its first look at MedAire Wellbeing Services at EBACE 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland, where MedAire and OdiliaClark will showcase how this innovative service can bolster safety protocols and wellbeing strategies in stand Q68.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 9th May 2024 | Issue #747


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