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Toulouse, France

Aircraft recycling: ATR and TARMAC deepen partnership

Building the circular economy while addressing the global parts shortage



On Global Recycling Day, ATR and TARMAC Aerosave announced the strengthening of their partnership to further enhance the dismantling and recycling of end-of-life ATR aircraft. The agreement foresees the continued recycling of used ATRs, with up to 12 aircraft to be recycled in the coming years as part of the partnership.

Three ATR aircraft have been recycled by TARMAC Aerosave in 2023, and 85.5% of parts have been either reused or recycled, from 85% previously. This year, four ATR aircraft will be dismantled by TARMAC Aerosave, and both companies are joining efforts to identify new recycling processes to increase the number of recyclable parts in the future.

Aircraft recycling: ATR and TARMAC deepen partnership

All reusable airframe and OEM parts will be inspected, repaired and certified to EASA Form 1 airworthiness standards before entering ATR’s spares warehouses. Unusable parts will be dismantled for the recycling of their raw materials.

In 2017, ATR was one of the first manufacturers to launch a decommissioning project, with the aim to manage the whole lifecycle of its products: from development to production, including in-service support and recycling. This initiative enabled ATR to contribute to the circular economy through the creation of its own store for recertified spare parts sourced from aircraft dismantling.

Stefano Marazzani, ATR’s SVP Customer Support and Services, added: “In the context of a global parts shortage, our collaboration with TARMAC Aerosave allows us to tackle two great challenges at once: we further reduce our environmental footprint whilst offering our customers a ready supply of cost-effective and high-quality spare parts. It’s a win-win solution for all stakeholders: more parts with fewer resources. This strategic approach is proving to be the most sustainable, both for our planet and our business.”

By combining their expertise and resources, and seeking innovative and environmentally responsible solutions, ATR and TARMAC Aerosave are fostering positive change, shaping both a more sustainable and resilient aviation ecosystem.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 21st March 2024 | Issue #740


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