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Guest Article

Redefining networking: the genesis and triumph of CCREW Exchange

By Tamara Collum, CFA/Co-founder, CCREW Exchange



What exactly is networking? It's a term that manifests differently across various contexts and individuals. Today, the distinction between virtual and in-person networking is increasingly blurred, given the plethora of digital platforms at our disposal.

However, it's the essence of networking - those fundamental moments that spark new ideas or redefine existing ones through the synergy of mutual goals - that truly encapsulates its value. Often, it's through serendipitous interactions that we uncover opportunities previously unseen or unconsidered.

The inception of CCREW Exchange can be traced back to a simple yet profound dialogue among the In-flight Crew Connection’s (IFCC) owner, two caterers, a trainer, and a corporate flight attendant, all yearning for the personal connections that had been lost in the wake of COVID-19.

Propelled by this shared longing, they envisioned a symposium dedicated to aviation, emphasizing the importance of networking across various companies, and encouraging active participation.

Annual 2-day "non-conference" interactive event for corporate cabin crewmembers.

Annual 2-day "non-conference" interactive event for corporate cabin crewmembers.

This community, comprising corporate flight attendants, cabin attendants, and flight technicians, plays a crucial role in ensuring safety, delivering exceptional customer service, and crafting memorable experiences for passengers, albeit often behind the scenes. CCREW’s journey began with the expansion of four individuals to seven members to create a CCREW Team.

The inaugural CCREW event in April 2023 underscored the pressing need for and the undeniable impact of such a networking platform. Despite the challenges and the time constraints, the collective efforts of dedicated professionals brought the vision of CCREW Exchange to life, guided by the principle of "Community over Competition."

By January 2023, CCREW Exchange proudly stood as a nonprofit organization, testament to the power of collaboration and shared goals.

The 2023 CCREW Exchange event surpassed all expectations, thanks to the unwavering support of our sponsors and the dedication of our organizing team. The diversity of participants fostered invaluable personal and professional connections, laying the foundation for lifelong relationships within the aviation community.

The overwhelming feedback has set the stage for an even more ambitious CCREW Exchange event in 2024. Scheduled for April 22nd-23rd at IFCC / Minti CoWork and Conference facility in Charlotte, NC, the upcoming event promises to be a cornerstone for networking, growth, and community within the aviation industry.

We invite you to explore more about CCREW Exchange and join us in supporting the aspirations of both CCREW and our esteemed sponsors.

Aligned with the NBAA Flight Attendant/Flight Technician Committee, Women of Corporate Aviation (WCA) and Mix & Mingle, we believe in the strength of community. True success is not a solitary journey; it is built on the collective efforts of teams, peers, families, and friends.

Join us in celebrating and contributing to the success of our vibrant community at CCREW Exchange 2024.


Full details and registration available here.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 22nd February 2024 | Issue #736


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