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Barr, Switzerland and Westport, Connecticut

Sirius Aviation partners with India's MEHAIR, securing 100 hydrogen VTOL jet orders

Historic partnership marks milestone in sustainable aviation industry



Pioneering Swiss aerospace company, Sirius Aviation AG, has announced an historic partnership with MEHAIR, India's premier seaplane operator, to secure 50 orders of the Sirius Millennium Jet.

This landmark agreement includes 50 firm orders, with an option to add 50 more, totaling approximately $400m in value.

The Sirius Jet, the world's first hydrogen-powered, zero-emissions, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, features a high-speed capability, quieter ducted fan jets, and an innovative hydrogen powertrain. This state-of-the-art jet boasts an exceptional range of 1150 miles - eight times that of traditional eVTOLs, and an impressive speed of 323 mph - three times faster, set to redefine air travel.

Sirius Aviation partners with India's MEHAIR, securing 100 hydrogen VTOL jet orders

Under this historic deal, MEHAIR will oversee the assembly of 50 Sirius Millennium Jets and 1,400 Millennium Hydrogen Fan Jets, along with integrating 50 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrains and 10 Hydrogen Generation Units in India, marking a new era of zero-carbon aviation.

"This strategic alliance with MEHAIR lays the foundation for a greener future in air travel; embodying a commitment to eco-friendly aviation and technological excellence," said Sirius Aviation CEO, Alexey Popov.

Siddharth Verma, Managing Director of MEHAIR, added: "Joining forces with Sirius Jet marks a significant step for India's aviation, promising passengers luxurious yet economical travel with zero emissions."

Sirius Aviation partners with India's MEHAIR, securing 100 hydrogen VTOL jet orders

Key partnership initiatives:

Earlier this year, Sirius Aviation unveiled its groundbreaking Hydrogen-Electric Ducted Fan Propulsion System for the Sirius Jet in Switzerland. The event was attended by esteemed partners, including BMW Group Designworks, Sauber Group F1, Leonardo Aerostructures, and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI); underscoring the powerful synergy driving the future of aviation.

By 2025, the Sirius Jet will debut in two versions: the Sirius Business Jet, tailored for private use, and the Sirius Millennium Jet, designed for commercial operation.

This landmark collaboration marks a pivotal moment in sustainable aviation, aligning with India's clean energy goals and spearheading transformative growth.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 15th February 2024 | Issue #735


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