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Orlando, Florida

Signature takes steps to end human trafficking



Whilst Signature Aviation continues to support existing initiatives to combat human trafficking, it is adding new resources customized for private aviation operators.

“Signature is the largest network of private aviation terminals in the world, which gives us a unique opportunity to help combat human trafficking,” said CEO, Tony Lefebvre.

“The International Organization for Migration has stated that nearly 80% of international human trafficking journeys cross through official border control points, including airports. That makes this an incredibly important and relevant issue for us, and one where we have the ability to make a tangible difference.”

The company is taking a multi-faceted approach. It is collaborating with other leaders to counter human trafficking, as well as to ensure its own global workforce is well trained to identify and report suspicious activity. Signature has:

“Private aviation operators are on the frontlines of the fight to end human trafficking,” said Michael Camal, Senior Engagement Manager, US Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Countering Human Trafficking. “We are grateful that Signature is leveraging its vast resources and global workforce to combat this heinous crime. Their unique perspective will help BLI strengthen and expand our anti-trafficking resources for the private aviation industry.”

While the football season may be coming to an end for this year, Signature understands that human trafficking will continue unless organizations and individuals come together to stop it. “We know from our involvement in the Blue Lightning Initiative that in order for people to report human trafficking, they first have to recognize it,” notes Lefebvre.

“At Signature, we’re working to make sure our team members recognize when something may not be right so they know what to do in these critical situations. With that knowledge, each of us can be part of the solution to protect the most vulnerable among us.”

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Signature Aviation


BlueSky Business Aviation News | 15th February 2024 | Issue #735


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