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Payerne, Switzerland

Jekta signs agreement with Metavonics to support operator efficiencies



Jekta, the Switzerland-based manufacturer of the electrically powered Passenger Hydro Aircraft Zero Emission 100 (PHA-ZE 100) flying boat, has signed a new agreement with avionics technology developer, Metavonics, for the procurement of an aircraft management platform focused on utility functions.

The platform will be based on OpenMatrix Hub, a disruptive open computer that provides the flexibility to develop and simplify the certification of different avionics functions. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) confirms Jekta’s intent to integrate OpenMatrix compact hardware into the PHA-ZE 100 control unit supporting the auxiliary functions of the aircraft.

Metavonics will support the PHA-ZE 100 development with OpenMatrix hardware.

Metavonics will support the PHA-ZE 100 development with OpenMatrix hardware.

Metavonics is developing an open avionics platform that includes a powerful computer with an extremely versatile interface that can be used to support all aircraft functionality. The standardized small and lightweight computer is used to host all vehicle functions. The advantages of such an approach are multiple. It streamlines operations by minimizing the need to manage multiple spare part numbers, reduces airframe weight and future-proofs aircraft systems by centralizing obsolescence management of the standardized modular units.

In addition to the OpenMatrix solution, Jekta will use OpenBuilder, an integrated tool suite that greatly simplifies the development, integration and certification of all hosted avionics and auxiliary functions. This enables shorter development life cycles and faster integration times than is typical in today's industry.

Metavonics OpenMatrix hardware to support PHA-ZE 100 amphibious airframe.

Metavonics OpenMatrix hardware to support PHA-ZE 100 amphibious airframe.

George Alafinov, CEO of Jekta, says, “The ability to deliver our airframe with one type of control unit that can support multiple functions and be quickly and easily updated, up to five times faster than existing options in some cases, adds real value to operators. Our customers will only need to stock one compact controller, which augments supply-chain management.

"We’re exploring the options of integrating an OpenMatrix system that controls internal and external lights and non-critical sensors and supports aircraft health monitoring by collecting airplane data that can be turned into actionable information. All these benefits help to lower operating costs.”

The agreement was signed following the Dubai Airshow 2023 and positions Metavonics as an essential supplier to the Jekta development program. “Our aim is to create a paradigm shift in the way aircraft manufacturers think about developing and certifying avionics functions. Our open platform and developer ecosystem offers unparalleled optionality to innovate with speed,” says Mohamed Eladl, CEO of Metavonics.

“We are producing the first open, modular avionics platform for safety-critical applications specifically designed to meet the needs of advanced air mobility vehicles, and we’re delighted to work with the visionary PHA-ZE 100 program. It will be a game-changer in the amphibious aviation sector, and we are proud that we can help Jekta achieve the goal of reducing operating costs and emissions while adding more value to the regional aviation network.”

The latest MOU builds on an existing agreement with Honeywell, which is identifying and planning the integration of key avionics components to support electric engines, flight control systems, and connectivity.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 18th January 2024 | Issue #731


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