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Vienna, Austria

ASQS and Beams join forces in a strategic partnership to revolutionise aviation safety through Artificial Intelligence



ASQS, an award-winning global leader in aviation safety, quality and risk management software, has announced a strategic long-term partnership with Beams, a forward-thinking AI insights provider, to revolutionize aviation safety by leveraging AI technology.

In the aviation industry, safety is a fundamental objective as it directly correlates with the preservation of human lives and the overall functioning of global transportation. Safety Management Systems, short SMS, integrate safety into all aspects of an aviation organisation's operations, supporting aviation operators to address safety risks in a systematic, proactive way.

Safety reporting and the collection and analysis of information on actual or potential safety deficiencies play a crucial role in this process and is in fact the core element of risk management in aviation. However, analysing vast amounts of reports and data in real time to identify risks and predict future threats is a huge challenge for humans.

This is where AI steps on the scene: through their strategic partnership, the two visionary companies aim to transform this process by leveraging the superior speed and accuracy of AI to generate faster and more accurate insights to mitigate risk.

How can AI enhance flight safety?

Günther SchindlWith tangible plans for the use of AI in aviation SMS (Safety Management System), ASQS once again proves its pioneering role in the aviation industry and continues to create new market standards with its innovative ideas and solutions. The company is thus at the forefront of technological innovation, not only offering its customers a unique service, but also actively shaping the future of aviation safety.

ASQS CEO, Günther Schindl, says: "ASQS has been a market leader in providing advanced safety management software and technologies to the aviation industry for many years, and we are very proud of that. Our partnership with Beams will significantly expand our artificial intelligence capabilities and enable us to deliver the latest innovations to our customers at an unprecedented pace.

"This will enable us to revolutionise the safety and risk management landscape and provide our customers with new, premium features that exceed their expectations."

Alan Sternberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Beams, adds: "Real-time data evaluation plays a crucial role in aviation safety and is rapidly evolving with the use of software. AI-based information processing is essential for addressing the industry's challenges in risk assessment and impact, enabling continuous adaptation and capability development.

"Together, ASQS and Beams offer the aviation industry a market-available and future-proof solution: ASQS, as the leading provider of aviation safety and risk management software and Beams as the innovator in technology software for AI Insight."

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 21st September 2023 | Issue #716


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