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Duluth, Minnesota

Cirrus Aircraft celebrates 9,000 SR Series deliveries with destination-inspired Limited Edition aircraft



Cirrus Aircraft has unveiled a new, destination-inspired Limited Edition aircraft to commemorate the 9,000th SR Series aircraft delivery.

The 9,000th Limited Edition SR Series reflects the thousands of Cirrus Aircraft owners who embody the Cirrus Life empowering them to travel to different destinations without constraint or boundaries. Whether it is to grow one’s business, spend time with family or explore the world, Cirrus aircraft owners are experiencing more from the comfort of their advanced, luxurious SR Series aircraft.

“The SR Series continues to move people, businesses and imaginations as we reach another significant delivery milestone,” said Zean Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer of Cirrus Aircraft. “Our talented Xi Design Studio collected inspiration through the lens of our customers and the worldwide travel and freedom personal aviation offers.

"The 9,000th SR Series delivery means that 9,000 owners are living the Cirrus Life enabled by the best-selling high-performance piston aircraft in the industry for over two decades. The SR Series is one of the safest aircraft as it includes the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) and a suite of integrated safety features as standard equipment. Through our expanded aircraft ownership ecosystem, we are excited to continue introducing more people to Personal Aviation.”

From the onset of the Cirrus aircraft ownership experience, customers work alongside the company’s Xi Design Studio to personalize their new aircraft. Founded in 2009, the Xi Design Studio carefully curates an exclusive experience leveraging advanced technology, world-class engineering and a leading-edge Paint and Finish Facility to build a one-of-a-kind Cirrus aircraft.

Cirrus Aircraft’s Xi Design Studio showcases its artistic prowess through the compelling Limited Edition’s bold design and color collection. Thematically named Limited Edition designs, ‘Balos,’ ‘Lava,’ ‘Magma’ and ‘Santorini’ were inspired by different international destinations and illustrate the company’s range of premium and bespoke paint schemes. In partnership with Sherwin-Williams, Cirrus Aircraft reformulated signature hues, namely, Lava orange and Aegean blue, to create a bold and eclectic splash of color.

To commemorate 9,000 SR Series deliveries, the number nine was thematically integrated throughout the design. The ‘9’ iconography inspired the sleek and aerodynamic lines on the fuselage, along with the many exterior graphic details. The theme continues inside the cabin with several custom touches on the seats and embroidery.

With the release of the 9,000th Limited Edition, Cirrus Aircraft introduced newly designed Cirrus All-Weather Floor Liners engineered for adventure travel to protect the aircraft floor from mud, sand, water, dirt and more. Each liner features a customized badge commemorating the delivery milestone. Standard SR Series All-Weather Floor Liners for G1-G6 aircraft are available for purchase. Additionally, every 9,000th Limited Edition SR Series aircraft owner will be outfitted with the newly announced Bose A30 Aviation Headset and Garmin® International’s D2™ Aviation watch with custom bands matching the 9,000th livery for a premium flight experience.

Meticulous craftsmanship, bespoke design and daring colors turn heads with the 9,000th Limited Edition SR Series and are a testament to Cirrus Aircraft’s customers’ unwavering passion to seek new experiences and travel the world.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 27th April 2023 | Issue #699


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