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Peterborough, Ontario

Flying Colours Corp. completes glittering 240-month Global Express heavy inspection



Flying Colours Corp., the North American maintenance, repair, overhaul, and completions business, has completed another 240-month heavy inspection for a Bombardier Global Express aircraft.

In addition, a landing gear overhaul and several scheduled restoration tasks were undertaken to complete the mandatory 15/30/60/120/240-month inspection package.

In parallel, the fuselage received a stunning new look with the application of mica-infused paint to achieve an overall sparkling effect. On completion, the airframe donned a Starlight Silver Pearl base, accented by Phantom Gray Pearl applied to the top of the fuselage, stripes, doorframe and wingtips.

Flying Colours completes a heavy check and striking paint job on Global Express.

Flying Colours completes a heavy check and striking paint job on Global Express.

To achieve the look, a specialty basecoat-clearcoat polyurethane paint incorporating fine mica granules that generate a crystal-sparkling effect was applied after the priming process. The multi-faceted approach required technical expertise and intense attention to detail to achieve a stylish finish for the US-based client.

The Flying Colours Corp. maintenance team has supported a continuous pipeline of heavy inspections for Global aircraft during the last five years. “We have extensive experience working on Global airframes, which means our maintenance team can anticipate common issues and anticipate unexpected requirements that may occur. This knowledge gives our clients the confidence that we conduct rigorous inspections throughout the heavy check process. We know what to look for and how to resolve any issues,” says Eric Gillespie, Executive VP of Flying Colours Corp. “The fact that we can perform the entire work scope in one location also saves them downtime and optimizes their budget.”

Each 240-month inspection involves completely stripping the aircraft down to the frame, enabling an in-depth look at the aircraft fuselage to check for signs of everything from stress fractures to corrosion, as well as other issues that may have affected the structural integrity of the aircraft.

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Flying Colours Corp


BlueSky Business Aviation News | 1st December 2022 | Issue #680


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