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F/LIST inspires the cabin of the future as Shapeshifter concept is revealed



F/LIST is inviting NBAA-BACE delegates to reimagine the norm with the introduction of the F/LIST Shapeshifter technology concept.

Never-before-seen cabin concepts are being showcased to guests as F/LIST executives present stunning, seemingly impossible interior prototypes that will redefine the cabins of the future.

The innovative technology applications, combined with its newly launched portfolio of sustainable materials are set to enable customers to transform the way in which cabin interior design and space are considered. With the F/LIST Shapeshifter concept, the pioneering business is challenging traditional notions and the dimensional limits of the cabin environment.

Through the implementation of actuators, pneumatic elements, and other mechanical systems the F/LIST Shapeshifter program is initiating the art of change by bringing cabin components to life. Individual cabin items morph to optimize valuable cabin space, deliver multiple functions and intelligently respond to passenger interaction.

F/LIST Shapeshifter concept creates cabin space allowing designers to do more with less | Photo: F: LIST GMBH

F/LIST Shapeshifter concept creates cabin space allowing designers to do more with less.

F/LIST Shapeshifter concept creates cabin space allowing designers to do more with less | Photo: F: LIST GMBH

View the images side by side to see the space created once the galley top is relocated

The introduction of the technology enables the transformation of familiar forms into new shapes, profiles and applications by augmenting available space to extend an individual unit's functionality. Smart storage, integrated functionality, and seamless transitions exponentially increase design possibilities.

Initial F/LIST Shapeshifter concepts changing the cabin space exemplar include credenzas that transform into a working space, multifunctional lavatory elements and innovative dining areas.

Devised in the F/LIST futurelab, an internal incubator where challenging conventions is encouraged, the diverse technology concepts have been created to work in concert with F/LIST’s newly launched bio-based sustainable materials portfolio. The intriguing suite of concepts is set to inspire ideas around organic movement and how this dynamic transformation can be incorporated to add new dimensions and practical applications to the cabin experience. By combining the bio-based materials with the magic of the F/LIST Shapeshifter concepts, fixed characteristics of wood, stone and metal are liberated to facilitate the transformation from one form and purpose to another.

“The F/LIST Shapeshifter concepts set the imagination free and encourage designers to do more with less in the cabin," explains Melanie Prince, Head of Innovation for F/LIST.

"We anticipate that our customers will welcome the infinite opportunities provided by combining the latest sustainable material product portfolio with our groundbreaking technology. We want to inspire creativity, initiate a paradigm shift and liberate the imagination while providing practical, real solutions simultaneously. The well-stocked toolbox we’ve created will support designers, OEMs, and completion centers in making the impossible, possible in the future cabin. The sky is the limit when it comes to F/LIST Shapeshifter.”

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 20th October 2022 | Issue #674


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