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New company Azzera offers carbon offsetting and compliance solutions for business aviation



Azzera, an innovative new provider of carbon offsetting and compliance solutions, has introduced services tailor-made for business aviation.

Carbon offsetting is the acquisition of credits that compensate for unavoidable carbon emissions. Credits are generally defined as compliance-based (obligatory) or voluntary. Both markets are highly complex and access can be very bureaucratic.

Azzera works with aircraft owners and operators to manage their participation in compliance programs, including EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), Swiss ETS and UK ETS. Working on behalf of its clients, the Azzera team secures all necessary allowances and ensures that program requirements are met and exceeded.

Puja MahajanThe company also provides direct access to the voluntary carbon offsetting market. Projects that permit clients to claim carbon neutrality are subject to rigorous due diligence before being selected by Azzera. Examples include ICAO Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)-eligible offsets.

Azzera will soon launch online services to calculate carbon footprints and roll-out a fully-transparent blockchain-based marketplace for trading carbon credits to become the world’s first centralized spot trading carbon market exchange. The company has already secured a technology investor/partner and more than $1 million USD in pre-seed funding.

Founded by Puja Mahajan and Nick Houseman, both 25+year business aviation veterans, the Azzera team have lived the challenges of measuring aircraft emissions and have developed sophisticated understandings of compliance-based and voluntary carbon markets.

Nick Houseman“We launched Azzera because purchasing carbon offsets is complicated but investing in protecting our environment should be easy,” says Puja Mahajan, CEO and Co-Founder, Azzera. “Today, there are more than 22,000 business jets operating worldwide and the carbon emissions per passenger are significant. Some larger business aircraft operators have integrated carbon offsetting into their business models. But for small to midsize operators selecting and implementing top-quality offset solutions can be very complicated. This is where we come in – by selecting and facilitating access to the highest quality carbon offset initiatives on the market.”

“We have a bold vision for enabling organizations and individuals to effortlessly fight climate change. Massive investment in carbon avoidance and removal projects is needed. We are facilitating that process. In the first phase, we are targeting business aviation – the industry we know best. In the mid-term, we will apply ourselves to a growing number of sectors. Any industry that generates GHGs is a potential client for Azzera,” adds Nick Houseman, Co-Founder, Azzera.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 19th May 2022 | Issue #654


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