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Melbourne, Florida

SD FlightDeck Freedom named default datalink provider for new Gulfstream aircraft



Satcom Direct has announced that its FlightDeck Freedom (FDF) flight deck communications platform has been selected as the default datalink system for in-production Gulfstream G500, Gulfstream G600, and Gulfstream G650ER aircraft with initial line-fits already completed.

Operators of Gulfstream aircraft can now optimize the flexible FDF platform, which includes configurable features and monitoring of industry datalink compliance, to support secure and reliable datalink services between crew, air traffic control, and ground personnel.

The open architecture design facilitates integration with third-party services, including trip planning, as well as a suite of automated features operating in parallel with traditional datalink functions. Automated alerting improves operations workflow, heightens crew situational awareness and enhances safety, while GeoNotifcations and automated monitoring provide real-time alerts about hazardous situations caused by weather or security related events.

Satcom Direct Gulfstream G550 equipped with FlightDeck Freedom

Satcom Direct Gulfstream G550 equipped with FlightDeck Freedom

Connectivity reliability for passengers is also bolstered as the FDF platform advises flight crews of sensitive airspace, potential outage or coverage loss situations.

“FlightDeck Freedom is much more than datalink. As part of the SD connectivity eco-system, it keeps the entire flight department and crew synced with the aircraft for more efficient flight operations," said John Kummer, Satcom Direct, VP Strategy and Programs.

"FDF provides critical data to support service monitoring and plays a significant part in communicating dynamic situational changes during flight. This augmented support for flight crew, ground personnel and passengers raises industry standards by improving safety and compliance levels through bolstered communications, and we are proud that Gulfstream has selected SD for its flight deck service.”

Introducing the FDF datalink for the named Gulfstream models furthers the existing relationship between SD and the OEM.

Initiated in 2017, the Gulfstream Connected Services program provides operators with powerful connectivity solutions, and is supported by SD exclusively providing cabin and cockpit service plans. With the introduction of FDF to the flight deck, and as part of the SD connectivity eco-system of software, hardware and infrastructure, Gulfstream operators can now generate a digital footprint of the aircraft history from its born-on date. This digital heritage provides better visibility into aircraft performance, management and operations to deliver an enriched ownership experience.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 21st April 2022 | Issue #650


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