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This week . . . How managing your thoughts is key to getting through this

Bizav practitioner Charlotte Wroe speaks openly about how she feels about having cancer and her motivation to help others who are also fighting it.

As part of the GearUp TVs SPARK 'Courageous Conversations' campaign, GearUp TV's Liz Moscrop interviews Charlotte who is undergoing breast cancer treatment. Charlotte is looking to empower others and show people the value of continuing to include somebody who has had a cancer diagnosis in the running of projects and managing energy.



In this episode, Charlotte tells us how she's coped with the new chemo and whether or not she was able to enjoy her Christmas dinner that she was so looking forward to! Charlotte also talks about mindset and how important it is to look at the positives in every situation.

























































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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 13th January 2022 | Issue #636



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