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Flexjet to achieve emissions-neutral flight operations in Europe via 4AIR partnership

Provision of 20,000 metric tonnes of CO2e offset made for Q121



Leading shared ownership provider Flexjet has unveiled details of a new sustainability programme for its European operation, which includes a 300% carbon dioxide equivalent offset made for every flight.

Delivered in partnership with the aviation sustainability consultancy 4AIR, the activity reflects the company’s operations from January 2021 and provides a comprehensive level of offsetting that compensates for both carbon and non-CO2 emissions, to meet 4AIR’s emissions-neutral (Silver)* rating.

Flexjet Ltd., which offers European travellers access to its prestigious fleet of private jets, announced the results as the company expands in Europe, including its Praetor 600 shared ownership programme. Working with 4AIR, Flexjet offsets 300% of the carbon dioxide equivalent for every flight, to reflect both CO2 emissions and other pollutants, including water vapor, aerosol sulphate and nitrous oxides. Owners can also opt to enhance their commitment further if they wish to.

Flexjet to achieve emissions-neutral flight operations in Europe via 4AIR partnership

European Managing Director Marine Eugène commented: “We are pleased to now confirm this element of our overall sustainability plan, which is a comprehensive and industry-leading approach to offsetting. Our programme goes well beyond other industry offerings, and it is an action we take as a company for every flight, rather than an optional extra for Owners.

“We already have the youngest fleet in the industry which brings fuel-efficiency advantages along with many other benefits to our Owners. With our partnership with 4AIR now in place, and reduction developments well underway within our group, we are firmly on a pathway to meet and exceed our sustainability goals, within the industry-wide 2050 commitment.”

The work to achieve emission neutral operations began in November 2020, with Flexjet’s sister company, PrivateFly, also working to the same standards. Now a combined operation in Europe under the leadership of Marine Eugène, a collective provision for nearly 20,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent has already been made for the first quarter of 2021.

In addition to the mandatory 300% offset, Flexjet gives Owners the option of upgrading their sustainability commitment to attain 4AIR’s higher ratings, by buying Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) or purchasing SAF credits; and by making a contribution to the Aviation Climate Fund, aimed at supporting research and development in aviation sustainability.

Flexjet’s offsets are purchased by 4AIR using Industry-leading verified carbon credits and support a global portfolio of six, carefully chosen and accredited projects in areas such as solar and wind energy. Designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the projects also deliver wider social benefits.

One such example is the Cookstove Project in Malawi which distributes fuel-efficient cookstoves to families living in rural communities who use open fires in their homes. In addition to reducing the carbon dioxide output, using these stoves reduces the amount of wood and coal consumed by these communities; lessens the time needed to collect fuel; and avoids the negative health impact of dangerous air pollutants being released into their homes.

“We know offsetting is just one piece of the aviation sustainability solution, and it is a bridge towards a carbon-free future.” said Flexjet Chief Executive Officer Michael Silvestro. “Direct emission reduction is a key focus for us, in both medium and long-term projects. Flexjet and our wider Directional Aviation family is invested in projects to support emerging aviation technologies, so we can be at the forefront of sustainable flying, both now and into the future.”

The 4AIR Rating Program

The 4AIR Rating offers understandable benchmarks that are aligned with industry-wide goals and consistent with international standards. This allows private aviation users to evaluate the comprehensiveness of their own sustainability program or that of the private aviation sustainability programs available on the market. 4AIR’s framework offers four increasingly progressive levels:

Bronze: Carbon-Neutral
4AIR Bronze allows participants to be carbon-neutral by offsetting all of their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions with verified carbon offset credits.

*Silver: Emissions-Neutral
Two-thirds of an aircraft’s environmental impact comes from non-carbon dioxide warming pollutants such as water vapor, soot and contrails. 4AIR Silver enables participants to be fully emissions-neutral, compensating for non-CO2 impacts with verified offsets.

Gold: Emissions Reduction
4AIR Gold allows participants to go beyond emissions neutrality to actually reducing emissions by at least 5 percent through solutions such as using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) or purchasing SAF credits through 4AIR.

Platinum: Climate Champion
4AIR Platinum allows participants to support new technologies in aviation with a contribution to the Aviation Climate Fund, aimed at supporting research and development in aviation sustainability.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 20th May 2021 | Issue #606


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