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Dallas, Texas

City+Ventures and Mente Group partner to create Aquila Aviation Ventures investment group



Danny White, co-founder of Omaha’s City+Ventures, and Brian Proctor, president and CEO of Mente Group, headquartered in Dallas, have partnered to create Aquila Aviation Ventures LLC, a new investment group formed to serve unmet industry needs and leverage resources across entities to scale for future growth.

Aquila Aviation Ventures consists of Millbrook Air, a City+Ventures aircraft management company and charter operator based at Stewart International Airport in New York, and Mente Group, a full-service aviation consulting business and aircraft brokerage service. Both companies operate as standalone platforms, and will shift to be under the leadership of Proctor, who becomes Aquila Aviation Ventures’ Chief Executive Officer.

“City+Ventures’ expertise identifying growth opportunities focused on exceptional customer experiences, along with Millbrook Air and its fleet of business jets, are a perfect combination with Brian Proctor’s aviation expertise, to propel Aquila Aviation Ventures to new heights in private aviation,” said Danny White, City+Ventures co-founder.

“Aquila Aviation Ventures will identify and invest in high-growth firms within the private aviation sector,” said Brian Proctor, chief executive officer of Aquila. “And as part of the partnership, Mente Group has been recapitalized, providing it with growth capital to expand its platform and provide new and innovative services. The Millbrook operation will serve as a launch point for new products and concepts, taking advantage of unfulfilled segments in aviation.”

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 29th April 2021 | Issue #603


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