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Comlux completes its first ACJ320neo interior



Comlux Completion's completion and service center in Indianapolis has achieved the cabin interior outfitting of an ACJ320neo - the first one of the type completed by the facility.

Despite Covid-19 situation, the outfitting program continued in compliance with the safety measures implemented in the facility since March 2020, and the aircraft was delivered successfully to an undisclosed customer.

The VVIP cabin features an extremely detailed and sophisticated design providing a cosy yet elegant atmosphere through a succession of private rooms. The rear of the aircraft offers lots of space and comfort for executive guests and entourage when flying long range trips. Among the key features installed by Comlux, the KA band system allows ultra high-speed internet access up to 50 Mbps throughout the complete VIP cabin.

Two more ACJ320neo are currently in completion in Comlux Indianapolis facilities. The second aircraft will be delivered in Spring 2021. The third aircraft, which is belonging to a customer of DC Aviation Group, will be delivered in Autumn 2021. A fourth ACJ320neo will arrive in April 2021 in Indianapolis to start its VIP cabin completion process.

Comlux completes its first ACJ320neo interior

Daron Dryer, CEO Comlux Completion said” Despite the challenging situation we have been facing during the last 6 months because of Covid-19, our teams remained more than ever motivated and focused on delivering exceptional quality performance on our first ACJ320neo completion. With 2 more aircraft of the type in outfitting process right now, and more to come soon, Comlux is becoming The Completion center of reference for the ACJneo family aircraft.”

Making air even cleaner in VIP cabins

Infurther news, Comlux Completion has successfully performed the installation and certification tests of the ACATM (Aviation Clean Air) ionisation system on an Airbus ACJ320neo in completion phase in its Indianapolis facilities.

Ionisation is a natural purification process which improves air quality in the cabin by removing pathogens, viruses, bacteria and spores in the air and on surfaces, and by eliminating annoying and noxious odors. The maintenance-free system provides the ionisation through the existing Environmental Control System (ECS) supply duct of the aircraft, without producing harmful ozone or chemicals.

It is the first time the Ionisation system is installed and certified on an Airbus ACJ320neo," said Daron Dryer. "Combined with the efficient HEPA filtering system of the aircraft, the ionisation system further enhances the cabin air quality, providing our VIP customers with a clean and safe cabin atmosphere at all times during the flight.”

“With the current worldwide situation on Covid-19, we are receiving more requests from customers who wish to fly with even more peace of mind,“ he added.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 10th September 2020 | Issue #572


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