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Business Aviation will help shape the post COVID-19 European recovery



The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) has urged European policy-makers and regulators to collaborate closely when defining rules for the safe reopening of air travel, as the Business Aviation sector is on the frontline of the pandemic and will help shape the European economic and social recovery.

The European Commission is currently developing a set of rules for the safe reopening of air travel in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. These guidelines and protective measures should be published mid-May 2020 according to the European Commissioner for Transport, Ms Adina-ioana Vălean. The proposed rules should ensure a safe, timely and workable return to normal operations for all airspace users in Europe.

Commenting on the open letter, EBAA Secretary-General Athar Husain Khan said: "The safety of our passengers and crews is and always will be the top priority in our sector. Our letter outlines all the measures that Business Aviation operators have already put in place to ensure their safety, before and during the pandemic."

In its open letter, EBAA calls on policy-makers and regulators in the EU institutions, Member States, Switzerland and the United Kingdom to:


Athar Husain Khan

Business Aviation plays a vital role in the fight against COVID-19. In the face of numerous operational challenges and restrictions, many operators are currently providing essential services to communities fighting the pandemic, including for the transport of health workers, and critical medical supplies. Business Aviation operations are adaptable, tailored and highly secure by nature.

“Business aviation will also be on the frontline of the post-crisis recovery. When families want to reunite, when companies need to transport workers once again, when governments want to continue their repatriation efforts, Business Aviation operators will be able to help, quickly and safely”, Athar Husain Khan added.

The Business Aviation sector has always been a lifeline for communities, be it for medical transport or as a tool to help governments and businesses generate local economic development. Business Aviation operators can offer specific precautionary measures and guarantees that ensure the highest level of safety for crews and passengers alike. As such, Business Aviation can and will be one of the first-movers once it is safe to lift travel restrictions and Europe is ready to begin its recovery process.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 7th May 2020 | Issue #556


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