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Nuremberg, Germany

Navigating through the Corona crisis

A message from Viktor Peters, CEO, Aero-Dienst



The COVID-19 crisis is changing our world. At Aero-Dienst we have weathered many storms during the last 60 years and managed so far to keep the virus away from our employees, aircraft and hangars.

However, it becomes more and more evident that this crisis will not be over shortly and the future will be different.

For most of us, aviation is more than just a job. We are all more used to 24/7 than to nine-to-five. As pilots, technicians and aviation professionals we are well trained in being responsible, flexible and stress-resistant. Now is the time to bring these values to our private surroundings. By responsibly educating the careless, calming down the panicking and flexibly adopting to the new situation we can protect our beloved ones and contribute to slowing down the spread of the virus.

Financially Corona will hit us very hard, no doubt. As aircraft owner, operator and maintenance facility we face many of the current challenges in our industry. This week our ambulance jets are still bringing those in need back home from Thailand, Turkey, Spain - under exceptional circumstances - while movements of our executive fleet become increasingly domestic, constrained by the imposed travel restrictions.

Navigating through the Corona crisis

Our maintenance support remains fully operational and we do our best to help our customers with their situation-based changing requests and unplanned cancellations. In the coming weeks and months we have to expect the flight activity and thereafter the maintenance demand to seize down significantly. While giant airlines will suffer and survive, Corona is likely to leave deep scars on our niche infrastructure.

Now is not the time for marketing hangar space unless you can offer it for free. Now is time for being fair and honest while trying to help each other to reduce cost as much as possible to avoid dismissal of employees and structural divestments.

Aircraft owners, OEMs, operators, FBOs and all suppliers - this is the time for solidarity.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 26th March 2020 | Issue #550


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