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AviationManuals outlines COVID-19 procedures

Suggestions for Flight, Ground, ERP, and FBO Planning



AviationManuals, the leading provider of digital operations manuals, has recommended procedures to address aircraft operator issues surrounding private aviation operations as governments throughout the world respond to growing concerns about the spread of COVID-19.

"Formalized procedures in the form of quality operations manuals and an Emergency Response Plan can really help with preparedness and planning in times like these," said AviationManuals CEO Mark Baier. "To prevent the spread of the disease, authorities stepped up precautionary measures, so it's good for everyone in an operation to be on the same page," he added.

"We try to cover some highlights for national and international flights as well as ground operations," Baier said. "Above all, be safe and remember this is not just about how dangerous the disease is, but really about being a part of the effort to help stem its spread."

If you can't avoid travelling, there are many factors to keep in mind. Below is a partial list.

AviationManuals outlines COVID-19 procedures

Flight Planning

While Airborne

On the Ground

FBO Procedures

AviationManuals supports a client base that operates over 4,500 aircraft worldwide, including 62 Fortune 100 company flight departments. Based in the Washington, DC area, the company provides digital operations manuals with update services, as well as SMS software and iPad apps for fixed-wing, rotary-wing, drone operators, and FBOs worldwide. Founded in 1996, the company has produced thousands of manuals.

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Emergency Response Plan


BlueSky Business Aviation News | 19th March 2020 | Issue #549



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