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The WINGX Report:


Flat February despite Leap Year; COVID-19 already eroding flight activity

There were 57,227 business aviation flights in February according to WINGX`s latest monthly Business Aviation Monitor published today.

The figure represents a YoY decline of 0.8%, eroding the gains made in January. Overall, 2020 is now 1.7% ahead of 2019.

Adjusting for Leap Year, February 2020's decline exceeded 3% and YtD trends are negative compared to 2019. The first week of March is currently showing a 6% decline, with a more than 40% drop in flights out of Italy.


February saw business aviation flight activity nose-dive in Germany - slumping by 13% - with flights from the UK also well down. During the month, there was large growth in flights from Italy, Spain and Russia.

February YOY Trend

Business aviation flight activity has nose dived in Germany, activity slumping by 13% in Feb.
Flights from UK also well down. During the month, large growth in flights from Italy, Spain, Russia.

The big February declines in the UK and Germany came mainly from Props flying 20% less. Large jet activity was down in Germany, but up in Switzerland, Italy and Austria. Other Jet activity was up 10% during the month.

Russia led the way in Charter activity (64% of all flights were AOC), followed by Switzerland and Spain. AOC activity in Germany, the UK and Turkey were well down.

London activity was well down in February due to declines in Prop activity, but Large Jet activity was up across the London airports. Likewise in Geneva, Moscow and Zurich. Other (Small and Mid) Jet flights were up 14% from Geneva, up 19% from Brussels.

Flights within Europe fell 1% in February (more than 4% with Leap Year adjustment). Flights from Europe to North America were 6% up whilst Africa, Asia and Middle East connections were well down.


Pilatus activity stands out, with PC24 activity continuing to grow fast. There was also strong growth for Embraer and Bombardier Heavy Jets. Cessna MSJ and VLJ were up, with big growth in YoY activity for Embraer Light Jets.


There was strong February growth in activity out of Geneva, Vnukovo and Paris Le Bourget, although the L12M trend remains negative for most top airports. This month German airports - Munich, Schonefeld and Stutgart - are seeing a big dip.

Charter/AOC traffic is trending up by more than 15% at Vnukovo, London Biggin Hill, Mallorca and Samedan so far this year. L12M trends are much weaker, with Farnborough conserving the strongest trend, up 6%.


Richard Koe, Managing Director of WINGX, comments:

“February trends were disappointing, coming off a strong January-20 performance, but the effects of COVID-19 are already evident, with business jet arrivals from China down by 30% YOY, and Germany´s market seeing the largest impact of the virus crisis in Asia.

"Within Europe, there was some growth in February, notably in the ski season flights connecting Moscow, Geneva, Chambery, also solid growth in Large Jet activity in London airports. Overall, the business jet charter market seems to have done quite well.

"But looking ahead, we can already see the escalating negative effect of virus containment measures in Europe, with the potential repercussions for a significant economic relapse in the region over the next few months, bound to depress business jet activity further.”


WINGX is a data research and consulting company based in Hamburg, Germany. WINGX analysis provides actionable market intelligence for the business aviation industry. Services include: Market Intelligence Briefings, Customised Research, Strategic Consulting, Market Surveys. WINGX customers range from aircraft operators, OEMs, airlines, maintenance providers, airports, fixed base operators, fuel providers, regulators, legal advisors, leasing companies, banks, investors and private jet users.









































































































































































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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 12th March 2020 | Issue #548



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