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Osprey Flight Solutions announces launch of Osprey:Open

New individual-user based version of Osprey's revolutionary aviation risk management service



Osprey Flight Solutions, creators of the breakthrough aviation risk analysis system that fuses real-time information, cutting-edge technology and industry leading analysis, has announced the launch of Osprey:Open, a platform designed to deliver unparalleled support to the aviation industry in conducting effective risk management.

Osprey:Open is an easy to access, user-friendly, individual-user based platform that provides a base level of security data and information for anywhere in the world.

For the first time, comprehensive data on the types of incident or environment that have a daily impact on operations is instantaneously available, making Osprey:Open the most capable platform for supporting security risk management in the industry.

Osprey Flight Solutions announces launch of Osprey:Open

Osprey’s database is the largest repository of aviation specific incident data. :Open gives users access to data on crime, corruption, social unrest and aviation security events for every country and airport globally through a clear, map-based interface with charts that show 6 months of data, enabling trends and patterns to be identified.

Continuous commitment to a cross-industry improvement in risk management

Osprey believes that everyone should be able to access the latest, curated data to allow operators to understand and mitigate the threats to their crew, passengers and aircraft.

Andrew Nicholson, CEO, Osprey Flight Solutions, commented: “Recent events clearly and tragically demonstrate a continuing need for better risk management across the aviation industry. Our core subscription service delivers the highest quality of operationally specific risk management support in the industry, but resource constraints and policies mean that some airlines are not in a position to embed an enterprise solution at this stage. So, to enable a cross-industry improvement in risk management, it became clear that another solution was needed. Osprey:Open is that solution. I am delighted that we’re launching this service as part of our continued commitment to supporting the aviation industry in conducting effective risk management."

In Partnership

Osprey:Open has been launched in partnership with Hive Aero and The British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGA).

Marc Bailey, CEO, BBGA, commented: “We are proud to support the launch of Osprey:Open. Having seen the platform in action, it was easy to identify the huge advantages it will deliver in improving risk management, not only for our members, but across the industry as a whole.”

Osprey:Open is currently available free of charge for individuals working within the aviation industry.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 5th March 2020 | Issue #547



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