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United Kingdom

Hunt & Palmer roll out carbon balanced flight options



Air charter specialist Hunt & Palmer has announced the launch of their new carbon offsetting initiative, which they believe will appeal to those clients looking to balance the carbon emissions generated from flights booked with the company.

To ensure the credibility of their offering, Hunt & Palmer have chosen to collaborate with C-Level, one of the most respected organisations in this sector, whose carbon balancing ensures verified action on carbon through the Plan Vivo network of charities and not-for-profit entities.

Hunt & Palmer director Mark Jenkinson explains, “This is a very straight forward carbon balancing plan with no gimmicks or pretentions and which can apply equally well for corporate clients or individuals alike. Simply put, we advise our clients at the point of sale how much carbon tonnage is attributable to their charter and what the cost option is to balance or offset that by purchasing carbon compensation credits created by the Plan Vivo projects.”

According to Hunt & Palmer, C-Level has devised a system for the company that calculates the carbon tonnage for each flight using real world data for the specific aircraft types chartered on behalf of their clients.

“It’s not us determining the carbon impact of any flight,” says Jenkinson, “that calculation is made using C-Level’s system and industry supplied data for the entire aircraft. This provides a level of independence to the process and is far more accurate for our purposes than the ‘per passenger’ model often used by individual travellers and some other businesses to calculate their carbon footprint.”

Those Hunt & Palmer clients opting to purchase carbon credits in the form of these multi benefit Plan Vivo Certificates will receive a carbon-balanced certificate from C-Level confirming their action on carbon through these well designed and monitored projects that provide verified carbon benefits by both protecting and restoring indigenous forests, thereby helping to achieve the Global SDG’s (sustainable development goals).

Jeremy Palmer, chairman for the Hunt & Palmer Group commented, “We have worked closely with C-Level on this project and their professional advice and expertise have proved invaluable in achieving our objective of providing our clients with a practical and robust facility for balancing the carbon impact associated with their air travel. It is the Board’s intention that the Hunt & Palmer group will work to balance the carbon impact of our own operations as part of this initiative and we are liaising with C-Level for their guidance in that process too.”

In conclusion, Mark Jenkinson added, “Flying is very much a reality of life for tens of thousands of people every day and when we do travel by air, we can all strive to minimise our impact on the planet by supporting credible climate action programmes - such as the carbon balanced flight option that Hunt & Palmer and C-Level are offering today. We strongly believe that the carbon credits, created by these inspirational projects, provide real world benefits where they are most needed and we encourage all our clients to consider balancing their carbon footprint when chartering with us in future.”




C-Level are a Brighton (UK) based organisation formed in 2000. They originated the terms ‘Carbon Footprint’ and ‘Carbon Balanced’ and helped to change the global narrative. Certified B Corp for the highest standards of social and environmental performance, the organisation strives to provide businesses with a pathway to Act on Carbon, Biodiversity and Social Impact, and works closely with some of the world’s most inspiring carbon offset projects under the Plan Vivo Standard.

Plan Vivo

The Plan Vivo Foundation is an Edinburgh based charity formed out of a research project in Mexico which became the world’s first carbon offsetting project. Plan Vivo projects cover over 175,000 hectares of land in some of the poorest and most vulnerable regions of the world. To date almost 3.5 million Plan Vivo Certificates have been issued (each certificate representing 1 tonne of CO2) which means around 3,500,000 tonnes of carbon reductions and over 17,000 small holders and indigenous peoples supported by these carbon balancing programmes.

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Hunt & Palmer


BlueSky Business Aviation News | 21st November 2019 | Issue #534



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