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Sonia Greteman, president and creative director at Greteman Group, a marketing communications agency based in Wichita, the Air Capital.

Simple Gifts

hink quick. What's been your favorite 2014 holiday greeting - either in your mailbox or inbox? No doubt, it popped into your mind fast. A unique one stands out.

We’ve created several this year that should pass the 'is-it-memorable' test. Each rewards the recipient with a creative payoff - from a smile and a knowing nod to a desire to learn more and get involved. Here are a few that may inspire you to take your own outreach up a notch.

Animated Video

Build on your success. The animated videos we’ve created the past five years for Signature Flight Support have been so well received, everyone’s eager to see the next one.

I think you’ll agree, this playful video does not disappoint. It puts you in the mood to move.

Modern, stylized graphics, lively music and simple messaging communicate Signature’s global reach and friendly vibe. Boxes pop open, joyfully celebrating offerings from Canada to the Caribbean, New York to Germany. This FBO’s  premier positioning suggests all you want travel to be. Hasslefree with delights around every corner. World-class and within your reach.

click on the image to view Signature's animation

Interactive Infographic

Here in the Air Capital, we keep our eyes to the skies. And one of our brightest stars is Exploration Place. It came into being almost 15 years ago - a dream realized by Velma Wallace, whose husband Dwane guided Cessna Aircraft for more than 40 years.

What happens there is as electric as this season. So we decided to make a little magic of our own. Our designers, writers and programmers worked as busily as any elf, creating an animated infographic that lets you discover little gems about this children’s and science center and its mind-opening, possibility - generating, STEM-based activities.

A themed email delivers a link to the site and encourages recipients to explore further. One click and the fun begins. So explore.

click on the spaceship to launch this interactive infographic

And think how you, too, might Launch a Learner on a journey that lasts a lifetime.

3-D Direct Mail

This custom-diecut, flat-folded trio of jets opens to stand alone, ready to grace any desk or lobby counter. The elegant, understated treatment suggests confidence and competence. Traits possessed by the manufacturer, Bombardier Business Aircraft.

Silver ink on pearlized cover-weight paper adds depth and an iridescent, wintry glow. Simple, multilingual greetings support graphic, white silhouettes representing the Learjet, Challenger and Global families of aircraft. Flying in formation. And headed upward. Flying fast and far.

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Still seeking inspiration? Consider this our gift to you. And happy holidays. click here

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