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Deanna Harms


Atitude Altitude

Deanna Harms, executive vice president at Greteman Group, a marketing communications agency based in Wichita, the Air Capital.



In-Flight Entertainment that Saves the Day

For a Beverly Hills-based business that served Hollywood’s elite, CEO Eric Cohen knew he had a problem. The company name of Computer Smarts no longer fit the business model. Cohen and Amy McIntosh, VP client relations, flew to Wichita and spent a day working with our team.

From that strategy session came a new marketing direction, name, logo, B2B presentation, B2C brochure and website.

Custom-Content-Curation Concierge ServiceVideo Valet

The new name - Video Valet - communicates the company’s let-us-serve you approach. The logo’s stylized flight attendant imparts personality and service with a smile. She stands at attention with her crisp bow tie and screen in her hand. Pops of red punctuate the bold black and white.

High-Value, Low-Hassle Entertainment

Video Valet recognizes the need for passengers to have connectivity in flight. By taking the entertainment element out of the Wi-Fi equation, they are able to offer a one-of-a-kind, cost-effective solution that leads to happy passengers every trip. Say goodbye to spotty, unreliable coverage with data limits and outrageous overage fees. You needn’t install a black box, antennae or wires on your aircraft. A flight attendant or crew member simply hands you a ready-to-go screen, destined to become your favorite piece of technology.

Video Valet

See Things First, Before Your Friends

Talk in L.A. centers around the hottest new shows. Video Valet ensures its clients stay in the know. Cohen’s team blows away the competition’s 300 titles. It has access to 1.2 million movies and must-see TV, then tailors those to customers’ needs.

The Ultimate in Personalization

It can also tap into home movies and personal content. Prior to flights, for instance, it uploads clients’ content for in-flight viewing. That might mean Magic Johnson’s epic basketball rivalries or Mark Wahlberg’s extensive movie catalog. It even helps television producers who can now just tap and watch their shows instead of hunting for them on more than a dozen streaming services. New algorithm refinements will further ensure that passengers enjoy the latest personalized content curated just for them.

Video Valet

Solidifying the Relationship

Video Valet’s customers have come through word of mouth - especially through flight attendants who see firsthand what a great experience Video Valet delivers. The website serves to offer more information about the service, to introduce the team behind the concept, and to build confidence that Video Valet can deliver on its satisfaction promise. The site launched prior to NBAA-BACE 2019 in Vegas, where the team met with fixed-base operations (FBOs) looking for an inflight dream solution to current entertainment nightmares.

“The highly stylized marketing materials and website Greteman Group created have added credibility and strengthened our efforts to go beyond our word-of-mouth network,” says Cohen.


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Greteman Group



BlueSky Business Aviation News | 14th November 2019 | Issue #533



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