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Sarah Goertz, director of digital strategy at Greteman Group, a marketing communications agency based in Wichita, the Air Capital.

Answers to Five Top Digital Aviation Marketing Questions

hat is one of the biggest challenges youíre seeing in digital when it comes to aviation marketing?

Aviation marketers with international audiences often find it difficult to accurately target their online promotions.

When running a campaign designed for Latin America it might not make sense to announce a region-specific incentive on your corporate website for all the world to see, but that doesnít mean digital is out of the question.

Thereís no need to shy away from a digital campaign for fear that someone living in the United States will see your Latin America promotion and want the same deal.

Consider geo-targeting your promotions using tools like email, social media, retargeted ads and if you have a translated website for the region youíre targeting be sure to use it. Customize promotions to the region youíre targeting and get them posted on your language website as quickly
as possible. Donít wait until your print ads run or you postcard delivers. Let your audience know about your promotion online. Eventually thatís where theyíll be looking for more information anyway.

How do you introduce new tools and technology when management is comfortable doing what they have always done?

Most managers respond to the facts. So know your numbers. Use tools like Google Analytics to walk leadership through your websiteís key performance indicators. Pay attention to what content is performing well. And what isnít. Make note of how users maneuver through your site. Where they enter and where they leave. Remember website analytics are only meaningful over time. Check in periodically to know what and when to measure.

Be persistent. Remember your vision may not be managementís vision and itís your job to help shine the light. If you truly believe in the change you are trying to implement stand behind it. You may lose an early round, but win the long game

What are some new online tools aviation marketers should be considering?

The best digital marketing tools are those built specifically with your business in mind. Whether itís a comparison tool, a cost calculator or a specialized sales portal, customers benefit when you develop tools that help them do their jobs.

If youíre looking to improve conversion rates and better track customer activity on your website, itís time to explore marketing automation.

From inbound forms and landing pages to outbound emails and webinars, marketing automation systems like Act On and Marketo help marketers advance sales.

Most marketing automation platforms also have the ability to send email and connect to CRMs like Salesforce so youíre fully equipped to nurture your customers throughout the research, purchase and customer support phases of the buying cycle.

How has customer service changed for aviation companies with the advancement of new technologies?

Pilots, maintenance directors and CEOs all want information quickly and efficiently. That means they look online. Todayís customers expect to find answers on your website without ever having to speak to a support team. Make it easy to find what theyíre looking for using key search terms throughout your content.

As the demand for self-service support grows, aviation marketers are challenged with providing better online customer experiences. Question-and-answer portals are a great place to start. They encourage customers to submit tickets, initiate live chats, search previously answered questions and offer the ability to interact with a likeminded community.

What is a content strategy and why do aviation marketers need one?

Content strategy has become a buzz phrase, but thereís real value in creating one if youíre creating it for the right reason.

It defines the type of content you plan to develop, including words, images and multimedia, how frequently youíre going to distribute and on what communication channels.

There are three reasons why you should consider writing your own content. Content publishing drives traffic to your website through search results, establishes you as an expert in your field and drives sales opportunities.

Digital best practices change all the time and no one person can possibly have all the answers, but I hope these five give you the boost you need to try something new.

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